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Dillon Industrial Mancoolers provide cool comfort for employees in all types of heavy industry environments. Designed for hard use, these rugged Mancoolers provide better air flow.  They offer easy portability, maximum safety… plus they’re built to last!  Dillon Mancoolers are manufactured in many standard styles with many variations to solve almost any mounting or location problem.  Units can be custom-made to meet your specifications.

Cast-aluminum propellers are designed to deliver the maximum CFM/HP through the fan itself and to create maximum aspiration of air around the fan. The screened cage perimeter permits optimum pattern of air velocities in front of the fan. Starters equipped with heater coils are standard and are pre-wired to the motor for proper motor protection and instant operation.

The Dillon Full-Flo Propeller features adjustable pitch and a new airfoil blade utilizing a unique twist to provide greater vortex action.  This generates more airflow near the hub, resulting in higher efficiency and lower noise.  The screened cage perimeter permits optimum pattern of air velocities in front of the fan. Dillon Mancooler units are also used for product or process cooling… even in some hostile environments. The screening meets all OSHA requirements, and most models operate at noise levels below 90 dBa.

Super Quiet Industrial Fans

The Dillon TLQ Super Quiet industrial fan is designed and built to provide high performance in extremely hostile environments at drastic reductions in operating noise levels.

It uses the Dillon FULL-FLO cast aluminum propeller for quieter efficiency and longer service.  The components are hand picked, precisely tipped and individually weight controlled for super quiet dynamic balance.